Photo courtesy of Mutz Ishizawa


Japan based Photographer and Computer Hobbyist . Although , I was born and grew up in Sao Jose dos Campos , Brazil , I've been living in Japan since December 1994 . The pictures in this site are my personal memories of the places I've been around Japan and sometimes around the world . I began taking pictures in the film era with my father's Olympus Trip 35 , a rangefinder camera . My first "serious" camera was a Contax G1 rangefinder film camera , I bought circa 1998 . I've been taking pictures with Canon DSLR cameras since 2012 . I'm a self taught computer builder , having built my own computers since 1999 . Although I use Microsoft Windows most of the time , I put emphasis on using Open Source Software whenever possible . I'm also a big fan of William Gibson's Cyber Punk novels .





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